Kitsap County Fairgrounds

1200 Fairgrounds Rd NW, Bremerton, WA 98311


The arena is approximately 320 feet long and 100 feet wide. The fans sit in grandstands just outside the arena walls (one covered grandstand and one uncovered). The pit area is mostly gravel. There is water available in the designated pit area.You may use torches (provided you have a fire extinguisher on hand) in the pits.There are several people that have winches. If you ask nicely they will usually give you a hand pulling out your crumpled sheet metal. If you need help with your car ask someone they will usually give you a hand or point you to someone that can help you out; whether it be tools or parts. The object is to go out and smash cars not spend all night working on them. Just be courteous and return the favor or part.

Race Format

  • The night starts with Tech which begins about 2 pm.
  • At 4:30 we start time trials this is you get one lap for your time.
  • At approx 5:00 we have a drivers meeting. It will be announced.
  • 5:15 racing starts with a “Dash Race”. The first car to complete 8 laps wins.
  • Then comes our rollover competition. You get 2 attempts at the ramp.
  • We pull the ramp and have our special event for the night. Check the schedule to see what they are.
  • We then alternate “heat races” and “figure 8’s”. (3 of each for each car class)
  • At Approx 8 Pm we have a 10 min break to get ready for finales.
  • Finales Mini Cars do theirs first, after the track is cleared the Big cars do theirs. Pays 1st through 3rd.

Some Notes On Our Races

  • After you pay your pit pass you may participate in any of the events for the night
    with the exception of some of the special events. (they may have a special team or sign up).
  • We line up cars for the heats and figure 8’s. We take the cars in the order that they are lined up in.
    If you do not want to participate in that particular race then you must go to the back of the line
    and take your chances with getting the race type that you want. Typically a well-built car can get in
    3 races a night depending on car count.
  • If all you want to do is the finale park your car and enjoy the show when finale time rolls around jump in your
    car and smash something (on the track).
  • All of our races are full contact; provided that the contact is done in a good “sportsman like manner”.

Car Classes

We have three classes of cars. They are Big cars, Mini cars, and Rollover Cars. Please check our
rules for specific build requirements.


  • Parking. Pit area parking is for derby cars and trucks with torches and/or fixed winches. Car trailers can be parked in the lower ball field next to the pits. Please note that once the derby starts there is no loading of cars in the pits. If you need or want to load up prior to the end of the night then you have to drive your car out of the pits.
  • Also, note that when there is a rodeo going on. When we have a derby the track is the full size of the arena.